Database of Trichinella isolates

The database is the repository of information of all the isolates identified so far at the ITRC.

For each Trichinella isolate, identified by the abbreviation ISS and a number, the following information is available: species and/or genotype, common and scientific name of the original host, country, locality, longitude and latitude of origin, year of isolation, the name and address of the donor, the year in which the isolate was sent to the ITRC, the type of material available (e.g., larvae in vivo, larvae under liquid nitrogen, DNA), and the test used to identify the parasites.

The database of the ITRC, is updated monthly.
In the first page of the database, you can choose among different selection criteria to open the records (ISS code, Trichinella species or genotype, the vertebrate class and the common or the scientific name of the original host, the continent and the country of origin, the year of isolation or the donor name).

In the next page, you can browse all records matching the selected criteria.

If you don't specify any parameter you can browse the full database.

Press to access the available information on a specific record.